Over the years, we have been able to talk about the Golden Compass Program, its operation and principles several times. The published reports and video recordings can be viewed on the site.


“Iskola a periférián túl” – Nők lapja 2020 tavasz  –  “School Beyond the Periphery” – Women’s Journal Spring 2020

“Visszaadni az önrendelkezés lehetőségét” – Új Pedagógiai Szemle 2021 3/4. szám 7-14.o  –  “To give back the possibility of self-determination” – New Pedagogical Review 2021 3/4. No. 7-14

Videos (video sources: NIOK Alapítvány, DSTV, Ármos Anita)

Civil Award 2020 “Most Impactful Project

What we believe in … Part 1

What we believe in… Part 2

About Golden Compas Program Part 1

About Golden Compas Program Part 2

Project presentation

DSTV – Children’s experiences

DSTV – On new rouds