Anxiety became the word of the year

In our experience, a child who doesn’t know what he or she wants, who doesn’t want to, or is afraid to go to school, who has health symptoms due to going to school, who has failed in his or her previous school, who has low self-esteem, who was excluded, who didn’t live find yourself successful, who has no friends, who is emotionally locked in, who produces violent symptoms are all anxious!

‘Anxiety’ became the word of the year for children in 2021, according to an English study. Oxford University Press was interested in the views of 8,000 children between the ages of 7 and 14 from 85 schools across the UK. (Source: LitHub)

Learning is a highly organized cognitive function and anxiety blocks most learning functions. There is a lot we can do as adults to eliminate the environmental and social factors that cause students anxiety. For seven years, we have been researching how we can build relationships with children based on a true partnership that help them develop a personality, and how we can help them connect in a supportive, constructive way. The Golden Compass Program was created with the goal of creating a joyful, nurturing school atmosphere and network where there was little opportunity to do so. The next step is to offer our experience to anyone who wants to make a similar difference.