Our mission

We believe that the world of the school is a reflection of the current society and one of its most influential shapers. By changing the atmosphere in the school, we can have an immediate impact on the lives of students, their teachers, their families, and thus all of us. The society in which we all want to live can grow out of an empathetic, relationship-building, mutually supportive school community that respects human dignity above all else.

That’s why, all in all, we’re ready to go anywhere to share our experience: there’s a solution to healthy school relationships.

We managed to create a well-functioning community with adolescents who were already on the margins of society as teenagers: they were struggling with drug addiction, suicidal ideation, learning disabilities, and integration disorders. During the program, these children were able to get rid of their addiction, aggression, be able to form a community with each other, help others, and return to the learning process; they found life motivation for themselves.

Arany Iránytű Proram (The Golden Compass Program) received a Civil Award in 2020 as the “Most Impactful Project”.

Kids are not happy in schools.
Teachers are not happy in schools.
Parents aren’t happy about that either.

Currently approx. 1.8 million children and young people participate in public education. They and their parents are directly affected by everything that happens at school. Another 150,000 full-time teachers are involved, along with their families. That’s more than 5.5 million people in a country of less than 10 million. The school is our largest common social institution. When a school becomes a joyous place for all participants, we immediately feel the impact in our society.

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If you could start a change in your own community, let’s work together to finally create something good! From 7 years of everyday experience, we dare say it may be worth trying differently. School can be a peaceful, safe, joyful place where there is no anxiety and no opposition in everyday life.